Customize Your Android (Part 1) : Wallpapers

One of the most acclaimed features of the Android operating system is its vast customization options. While iOS sandboxes people’s options to customize their devices, Android simply has no restrictions regarding customization. Advertisements

Towards a digital tomorrow

Do you have an amazing recipe you just made and want to share it with your friends? Maybe you have a magic remedy that helped little Winny recover ultra-fast and you want to spread it around with your family, friends and maybe the whole city? Maybe you would like people to see the amazing dance…

How to choose the best smartphone in your budget – Android

We all are surrounded by smart devices, the most frequent of which are the smartphones. Everyone these days possesses a smartphone. Today, we aren’t limited about the variety of smartphones offered by the lots of manufacturers. We’ve got small, 4-inch displays and huge 6-inch displays. We have quad-core processors as well as octa-core processors. We…

Why you should start developing Android Apps

@Image Source – We all admit that Android has taken the world by storm. More than 80% of the market has Android phones as of now. Android presents an immense oppurtunity to make some good cash, name and fame. Moreover, below are the reasons why it is easier to develop on Android than iOS :-