Customize Your Android (Part 1) : Wallpapers

One of the most acclaimed features of the Android operating system is its vast customization options. While iOS sandboxes people’s options to customize their devices, Android simply has no restrictions regarding customization. You can easily customize your device even if you do not have administrative privileges (aka root access) to your phone and that’s what we’re going to do. In this series, we’ll have a look at some of the ways in which you can easily customize your phone without having root access to it. Let’s start with:



There are an immense number of wallpapers on the internet and finding the right one for you might not be the easiest task. Everyone has a different taste and our wallpaper most often reflects it. Wallpapers are also the most crucial part of the customization process since they take the most part of your screen. There are a lot of apps on the Play Store which claim to provide the best wallpapers for you but which one to go for? In this part of Customize Your Android, we’re going to have a look on some of the best wallpaper apps on the Play Store so let’s begin.


If you like geometrical and abstract wallpapers sporting different patterns and various color combinations, look no further than Tapet.

Tapet - Image
Tapet – The random, pattern-based wallpaper app

“Tapet” literally translates to “wallpaper”. The app uses mathematical algorithms to generate random wallpapers combining different patterns with different color schemes. Swipe left on the app to randomize the patterns and swipe right to change the color scheme. It automatically generates wallpapers based on your device’s resolution and can be set to cycle through randomly generated wallpapers at specific time intervals. It’s a nice app for those who love patterns and is also completely offline.


If you’re not a fan of geometry and just want some good wallpapers, Backdrops has got you covered.

Backdrops - Screenshot
A wallpaper for everyone

Backdrops has thousands of wallpapers ranging from nature to astronomy. You can browse through them randomly or by categories and set the one you like. However, you have to pay in order to download them. There isn’t any cost for saving them though.

Google Wallpapers

Google’s very own Wallpaper app does deliver some high resolution and nice wallpapers that aren’t just limited to Material Design.

Google Wallpapers - Screenshot
Google’s own wallpaper app

It offers satellite wallpapers from Google Earth and sceneries from Google+ amongst other places. All of the wallpapers are free and you can set the app to change the wallpapers every day. Being from Google, the app obviously has a Material UI.


For the fans of stock wallpapers, here comes Walloid.

te0zecX8NY1e_my_KITmXskz7V20CGWLuzpQZY-NXQCQsEUjbH (1).png

This app takes a unique approach to wallpapers by providing you with hundreds of stock wallpapers from different ROM manufacturers. Its wallpapers range all the way from MiUI to Amazon to Dell (really?). The wallpapers are in high resolutions and can be downloaded as well. However, the app has advertisements which cost a paid upgrade to remove and get access to some more features. But it’s still a nice place to find some good stock wallpapers.

And that’s it. Those were the current best wallpaper apps on the Play Store right now. Check them out and tell which one do you like the most in the comments.


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