Towards a digital tomorrow

Do you have an amazing recipe you just made and want to share it with your friends? Maybe you have a magic remedy that helped little Winny recover ultra-fast and you want to spread it around with your family, friends and maybe the whole city? Maybe you would like people to see the amazing dance Albert put up last night? You can do all of this and even more with just one thing, that is, building a website! Now there are a lot of ways to do it, but doing it through a Content Management System can be very helpful in the long run.
To understand what a CMS is, let’s consider an example. Adam got a project work from his school. He started to work on it on his own and was going good for some time. But as he continued to make the project, he could not complete some tasks which required more knowledge than he had. Sadly, he couldn’t submit his work and got poor marks. Tragic, isn’t it? Bill, a friend of Adam, however took a different route. He chose to ask his elder brother Samuel for help with the tasks which required higher knowledge while he himself just focused on the main content. Bill came out with a great project that was appreciated by everyone! The role played by Samuel is similar to what a CMS does. It takes out the technical job of creating and managing your website and lets you focus on your content. A Content Management System is a user interface that allows normal, non-technical users like Bill and Adam, to add, change and remove content from their website with ease.
There are a lot of CMSs around on the web, but you may want to start with something easy for your first website. Drupal is such a CMS which is both, easy to use and free. Drupal is an open-source CMS. What that means is that anyone can have a look at how it works internally, behind the stage, and may also suggest improvements to it for free. You can easily manage your website with it. You can add, change and remove content like text, images etc. without any technical knowledge. You can also easily share your posts on websites like Facebook & Twitter and even with people who aren’t on those websites as your own website will be available for everyone.
So if you want to share that amazing recipe, or just your thoughts with your friends, family and probably a bigger audience, creating a website can be a good way to do it and using Content Management Systems like Drupal can take help you a lot with it. So good luck towards a digital tomorrow!


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