How to save your mobile data

So like many out there in our nation, you too are frustrated with the exceedingly high mobile Internet prices and your fast extincting mobile internet data? I guess you are, and that’s why you’ve landed here.

So we all are aware of the high rates of telecom providers for mere amounts of internet allowance. Take along the fact that recently their rates have increased further. on an average, an individual in India pays about 4 INR for 1 MB of Internet data. While the average speeds of internet in India are amongst the slowest in the world (2.3 Mbps). So what can you do to make your Internet data last longer than it usually does? Being an Android geek, I’ll be dealing with measures suitable for Android only, so let’s see:

Almost everyone these days has Facebook and other social media apps installed on their beloved Android phones. While they are an essential part of our digitally connected social lives, they are one of the biggest data hogs. The worst fact is, they consume your Internet data more than they need to and that too when you’re not even using them. So what can be done here? Well for the more data savvy, there is a lighter version of Facebook which does uses less than half of your data than Facebook’s main app. It’s called Facebook Lite. Its installation file (a.k.a APK) is no more than 1 megabyte and it offers the same features as Facebook’s main application. However it doesn’t have that fluid UI as its elder brother but it is very low on mobile data usage. By low I mean as low as 65% less than the main app. So you can (and you should) consider installing it.

But every app doesn’t have a light version. So what can be done with them? The answer is restricting their usage of mobile data to only when you need them. No, I’m not talking about background mobile data restriction. That’s the worst way of doing it as it obstructs all your apps from accessing the Internet unless you open them in foreground. That can be horrific for WhatsApp geeks! Instead, the ideal solution is an app known as Opera Max. It creates a Virtual Private Network that acts as a filter for your apps to access mobile Internet. In a simpler way, it blacklists apps that you don’t want to access the Internet unless you open them in foreground. It’s like a more selective version of background app data restriction. Not only that, it also compresses all your Internet traffic (images & videos) so that your data usage minimises even more. It also shows you your daily and monthly data usage per app. So if you want to save your mobile data from early extinction, my recommendation would be to install this app for it.

Now the other major use of Internet besides browsing Facebook and Twitter is browsing the World Wide Web. You may not know but your browser is also one of your big data hogs. Almost every modern browser out there, be it Chrome, Firefox, Safari or anyone, uses a lot of mobile data even for simple tasks. The reason behind this is, they try to load every element of the webpage (including ads) which is often not needed. Most of the time we only need o read or copy certain content instead of looking at the whole webpage. Well to save some of your data and to stick with stock android apps, you can enable the data saver feature of Google Chrome by going into Settings and checking the Data Saver checkbox. While it does save some data but that may not satisfy you.

If you’re the ones of the less easily satisfied you should consider using a lighter browser such as the Opera Mini. It is the best browser in terms of data compression. With their cloud compression technology, Opera Mini compresses all the webpages you visit which results in lesser data usage as compared to Chrome or Firefox. However, at sometimes you may need to view the original version of a webpage with all the elements loaded and Opera Mini loads a compressed view for it so what would you do then? Don’t worry, just go to data savings and turn off the Extreme mode to load the original webpage. Opera Mini is a complete web browsing solution even for the non-data savvy. It even comes with a built-in ad blocker.

The other things to take care off when you want to save data are auto-sync and auto-backups. Be sure to turn off the Auto-Sync feature of android when you’re using mobile data unless you’re a Gmail freak. Also turn the Auto-backup option of all the apps to “Backup only over WiFi” (however, it’s the default for most apps).

So I guess I’ve shared all of the most important ways to last your mobile data more than it usually does an I hope you apply these measure as and when required. Suggest anything I may have forgotten and be sure to like us here and on our Facebook page. Have a nice time.


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