Why you should start developing Android Apps

@Image Source – http://thenewstack.io/

We all admit that Android has taken the world by storm. More than 80% of the market has Android phones as of now.

Android presents an immense oppurtunity to make some good cash, name and fame. Moreover, below are the reasons why it is easier to develop on Android than iOS :-

Programming Languages

Android uses Java whereas iOS uses Objective – C. Java is comparitively easier to learn than Objective-C. Due to this, this means you will have to write more code to do the same thing, and the advanced data structures available to Java developers are well ahead of those in Objective-C. But now, with Swift, I’d put it almost par for learning compared to Java.

Development Tools

Previously, Android development was done with Eclipse using ADT . It has now been officially replaced with Android Studio. iOS development uses Xcode. Both Android Studio and Xcode are free. It’s only when you want to deploy apps onto your iOS devices or distribute them in the App store that you have to pay Apple $99 a year.

Open-ness of the Platform

Android is completely open whereas iOS is proprietory. This open-ness is the biggest strength of Android as it gives complete freedom and flexibility. This leads to – LETS GROW TOGETHER!

These are the reasons why you should develop for Android. However, we know that iOS is still pretty good and often better in some categories but now the Apple’s store is much saturated. Whereas Android Market is still booming.

So dont MISS IT!

In next posts, i will help you to get started in Android Development. 😉




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